Why I’m Blogging

I’ve started a few blogs in the past. It’s been more of a weight loss blog to help me keep myself on track, but we all know what happened to that! I think it was too specific. I felt obligated to post about my losses, my food, my struggles, etc. But when I got “off the wagon” I didn’t want to post. I felt like I was not committing myself like I should have.

So here I am with a new purpose. I’m moving to New York; I’m going to be a future manhattanite. I want to write about my journey getting there and finally, write about my adventures when I get there. Topics will be of plenty ranging from my family, sorority, fitness, and daydreams. My goal is to write weekly about different topics that are important at the time.

Since I have written down my goals for 2014 here, I will be keeping these at the forefront as I write each week. questions1


New Year, New Me


Tomorrow marks the start of the new year. Tonight, many individuals will be thinking about and writing out their new year resolutions for 2014. But our best intentions are sometimes lost after a few months. I’m guilty of this as well. I have my standard resolutions [lose weight, be more assertive, workout regularly], but I lose the momentum, the spark, the willpower to keep it going.

If tomorrow I could become anyone in the world, who would I be? That’s the question of the day [see here]. Would I want to be someone else? I think about it all the time; I would. I would want to be someone smarter, healthier, maybe famous, etc. However, if I was someone else, I wouldn’t have what I cherish the most in my life… my nephews. Since the birth of my nephews, my life has changed for the better. When I look into their eyes, I feel joy I have never felt. I could just stare at them forever and be in total happiness. I do have a couple of nieces as well and I love them just as much, but due to circumstances, these boys need more love from me.

2013-12-29 03.34.23No, I don’t want to be anyone but myself.

However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to be the better version of myself. I would like to be healthier. I’m not happy with the image in the mirror. How did I get here? I could blame school, work, family; however, it’s just my laziness. Now, I am not saying all big people are lazy; I am lazy. I rather sleep than hit the gym, I rather sleep than prep my meals. But if I want to change the image in the mirror, I have to either give up sleep or just go to sleep early. Oh the decisions!

This is the “year of change” as the oh too familiar [new year] saying goes. This year, I’ll be finally done with my education [for now], I’ll be making the biggest move of my life, and will embark on an adventure I’ve been dreaming about for years. Yes, this is the year of change for me and I can’t wait for it all. So, here I go, with my pen and paper to write down my “New Year resolutions”.


Blissful day

This morning I had to get my car checked and thank goodness that it was just compacted snow. I thought I was going to be there for a long time, but $50 and [30] minutes later, I was done. I was contemplating to either go back home or go swimming [since I wasn’t planning to go swimming until noon]. But, I made the better decision and decided to get my workout over with sooner than later. I spent close to [2] blissful hours in the water. Here’s my happy face.

2013-12-30 11.01.42

These are my meals for today. I promise this is not going to turn into a weight lost blog, but right now, this is my life until I get back to work. Well… maybe until I hit my final destination. Because really, my goal is to get healthier this year and get myself [body and mind] ready for the big move.

2013-12-30 12.13.12

2013-12-30 21.08.28

My Alaskan morning


It’s beautiful here sometimes. Alaska is not my cup of tea, but there are moments where I think I live in a majestic place. I’m a city girl at heart; however, I love moments like these.

I’m off to get my transmission looked at. Here’s hoping for some good news.

Stop saying tomorrow …

One of the biggest goals I have before I move to Manhattan is to lose weight… I know, I know. Everyone wants to lose weight. However, if you saw my friends in NYC, I do not want to be the big friend. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and be proud of the image I put out there. It’s definitely important in a competitive city. So, I have started to work on it. This is really my last chance to make some impactful changes before I get on that plane.

I have stopped saying tomorrow. That’s my catch phrase really. Since Christmas I have gone grocery shopping, prepped meals, gone swimming, ran, biked, and slept for many hours. It has paid off as I weighed in today and lost 3.2 lbs since my last weigh in. Of course, this is going to be hard to keep up because I’m off work and school. I will be going back to my normal life the first full week in January, but I’m hoping that if I set myself up for success I should be able to sustain this goal.

No, I’m going to do well! 

The beginning …

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now. Since deciding to move to NYC, I have been glued to a few blogs that have given me a glimpse in everyday life in New York City. I hope that I can provide my own glimpse once I move.

So why New York?

It’s the one question I am asked all the time when I mention it. There are many reasons [being closer to my best friend, opportunities, adventure, etc]. But the main reason is … I feel stuck. I feel like my life is at a stand-still and I don’t see it getting any better without making a change. Not that my life isn’t great; I have a great [yet dysfunctional] family, I love my job, I’m almost done with my degree… but to me, it’s too easy. Does that make sense?

Can life be too easy? Yes, it can. If I don’t make a change I’m going to go crazy with the same old, same old. So, here I go! I have been there [twice] and i enjoyed each trip. My best friend in the whole world is there [which makes it even sweeter] and I can go anywhere with my degree.

So I hope you stay with me these next 7 months as I start making my way to Manhattan. This blog is still in construction, but we’ll talk about many things.

Keep calm …


I’m trying to keep calm .