Well, on Sunday 05/22/16, I attend my first #weightwatchers meeting I planned to attend back in January. I felt very enlightened. I felt ready to begin this weight loss journey for the hundredth time. But then guess what?

Yup, I got hurt. Like literally the next day! I was participating in a team building activity at my work retreat and boom! I heard a pop! It was so much pain I couldn’t even deal with it. I went to the nearest hospital and I was informed I tore my calf muscle. Ouch!

So I’m now laid up in bed for the week.

I still am going to Texas on Friday, but now J have to sit in an aisle seat ugh 

However, I’m trying to make the most of it. My roommate when shopping for fruit, drinking lots of water, and hanging out with Netflix. I’m hoping that these next 4 weeks go by quickly!


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