At 11pm last night, I headed to my best friend’s boyfriend’s place in Brooklyn. When my roommate and I arrived, we were greeted with happiness and love. My best friend truly is the best host. My roommate and I looked on point and enjoyed the short time we were in the home. My roommate didn’t feel so well and she asked that we discreetly leave after the ball dropped so she could get into her bed as she had just arrived at 7pm from Alaska. As I am not a party person anyway, I thought it was the best idea.


12/31/14: My roommate [Melody] and I

However, I saw this guy I have never met and he was uh so handsome. Now readers, I’m usually quiet and suck at small talk, but I had to know who this guy was; so when he came over to introduce himself, I asked him “who are you friends with?” This sparked a 40-minute conversation where I learned he was a first generation Dominican-american, an electrical engineer, and we had similar backgrounds with family and poverty. He was super sweet and seemed interested in the conversation [plus he had a gorgeous smile].

At midnight, all the party goers cheered and had a glass of champagne. Happy New Years was said and hugs were had. I started up a conversation with a friend from the past and it was great to catch up with her. We are both working with children in similar situations, so it was great to have someone to talk to about the struggle with trying to make a difference in these young people’s lives. By 12:45am, my roommate nudged me and said it was time to go. Now, for the last 45 minutes I had been contemplating to give this guy my number [I was able to stealthy ask my best friend if he was seeing anyone; she said she didn’t know]. So as we were saying good-bye, I finally got to him and we hugged and he said that it was “nice to meet you”.

me: It was nice to meet you too. Hey, come here for a sec. [walked to the table, where no one was]. So I never do this, but I wanted to give you my number and was wondering if that would be cool.
him: [smiling his gorgeous smile] Oh, actually, I’m seeing someone.
me: oh, that’s cool.
him: but I mean I’m pretty sure we will see each other again. And if you move to Brooklyn, I know we will see a lot of each other [starts going in for a hug again]
me: no, for sure. It was awesome to meet you again.. see you soon [smile]

I get to my best friend and start talking about the cab situation, but inside I was so hot and I could feel my cheeks getting red; I was so embarrassed. I have NEVER done that before and I couldn’t believe it was a no-go. I was totally calm and collected though. I smiled, laughed and just acted like everything was cool, just in case he was paying attention.

Seriously, this is why girls don’t do this!  

My roommate and I went outside and I broke down [not crying but just over expressive]. She was surprised because it didn’t even look like I had done that and I played it super cool. Well, that’s a relief. I did send a text to the bestie.

me: he said he was seeing someone.
her: [sad face emoji]
me: lol I can’t believe I just put myself out there like that.
her: I love you for being so brave.
me: lol ugh I’m embarrassed
her: Don’t be. You are a bold and confident woman and I love you best friend.
me: love you!

So, I rang in the new year with a new experience that didn’t go in my favor; however, I did learn something about myself. I am a strong and brave woman… that might have been the whole point after all.


12/31/14 : The girls on New Years Eve !


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