At the beginning of the year, I set forth [10] goals for myself for the year 2014; I went through so many changes and I feel that I did pretty good [even though I didn’t reach them all]. Let’s see how i did:

1. Graduate [magna cum laude] with my Masters in Social Work [MSW] – On May 3, 2014, I was finally hooded with my MSW hood; it was one of the best feelings ever. After four long years, I reached my goal. My PhD will have to take the back seat for a while.

2014-05-04 17.45.36

My graduating class . 

2. Arrive in New York City [Manhattan] on July 19, 2014 – Due to finding a job sooner than I thought, I actually moved to NYC earlier [June 28, 2014 to be exact].

2014-04-05 20.08.03

One of my favorite spots in central park. 

3. Successfully move into a 2-bedroom Manhattan apartment with my best friend – Well, i didn’t meet this goal as my best friend needs to stay in her apartment until the end of her lease [April 2015]; however, I met another Alaskan through her, and now we are rooming together. She has proven to be an excellent roommate and one of my very best friends in NYC.

2014-10-05 02.04.17

My roomie [Melody] and I going out on the town.

4. Apply to a minimum of [2] job postings a month starting January 2014 until I have a job – I definitely applied to numerous jobs in and out of my field. I thought it was never going to happen because most positions wanted people with experience. however, I found a program [NYC Children’s Corps] and they accepted me into the program. i have met some amazing people and now am a full-time employee for a foster care agency. This program really saved me in my job search.

 2014-07-24 15.28.59

Ten Key Points from CC Training.

5. Spend the next 7 months saving as much as I can for my overall goal of $70,000 before moving to New York – Well i saved as much as i could and I got a huge nest egg for my move. I’m trying really hard not to touch it as much as possible… but it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. #nycisexpensive

6. Attend WW meetings every week until June 30, 2014 – umm… this did not happen. I was consistent for a few months, but it just got hard with all my other responsibilities. I didn’t lose weight in Alaska, but I totally lost weight while in NYC. I see it in my face… what do you think?

2014-12-30 00.30.26

From June 2014 [left] to December 2014 [right]

7. Study for and pass the LMSW and NCLEX tests – I passed the LMSW test on December 6, 2014; I am officially a licensed master social worker in NYC. Next up… studying for the NCLEX. This will probably happen in 2015 as I need to enjoy this first victory!

8. Travel more – Although the plan was to travel more to different places, I had to make an emergency trip back to Alaska in October for a funeral and then I went to Texas to visit my mama and nephews for Christmas.

9. Read more – I totally met this goal. This year I read [15] books … however, most of them were from the Pretty Little Liars series. oops!

2014-12-30 00.46.49

I’m obsessed [so happy I have more to read in 2015]

10. Get healthy – “I want to lose some weight”. Yup, that statement is true. I didn’t lose the amount I wanted to lose this year… although I lost some weight since moving to NYC, I want to get fit. I get jell-y with all the beautiful clothes I see all over the place!

Now, I have to think of my goals for 2015. This should be interesting!


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