Just a few facts about myself to help you learn more about me as we get better acquainted.

1. I had a DVD collection [over 500] which was always in alphabetical order and my closet is always color coordinated.

2. My nephews are the love of my life and I would do anything for them … They are set with their college fund.

3. I’m a better writer when I’m under pressure! 

4. Watching Glee makes my heart happy!

5. My boss has saved me from my bad girl tendencies more than once.

6. My life would be worthless without Jesus.

7. Alpha Sigma Alpha is the best community I ever joined!

8. I’m the luckiest girl to have the 7 best friends in the world!

9. My dream is to move to New York!

10. Being a graduate student has taught me how to prioritize.

11. My biggest weakness is falling in like [hard]!

12. I know my husband will be dark chocolate or white chocolate ! Either way , there will be some chocolate in there somewhere! =]

13. I am allergic to all animals … yes even fish.

14. There are always two things on my mind at all times … money and weight!

15. I get high on statistics ! I’m the best at data analyzing!

16. I love singing and plan to take lessons in the future!

17. I used to eat out everyday . I probably spent a whole year without turning on my stove!

18. Being a nudist is normal in my family. 

19. I wouldn’t be able to live without my family . My life would literally end if something happened to any of them.

20. I was always scared to get a tattoo; but, in 2012 I finally got one and it wasn’t so bad.

21. I am known for my hugs ! I am called the hug master.

22. I don’t like spending money … at all , but I never check prices.

23. I will make a positive difference in this world.

24. My house will be flooded with teenagers when I’m older ! I want to adopt teenagers!

25. Some nights, I like to just drive around town listening to audio books.


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