Now, it’s not like I go to the gym all the time. But when I do, I just notice that people do not have manners. I am grossed out on a regular… the worst part is that I go to the women’s club. I have had this membership for many years and I get a little ticked off when I notice these people:

1. People who don’t wipe down their equipment. How can you think it’s ok to sweat profusely and just walk away from your area without wiping it down? Your hands have been all over the place [machine, face, sweat, buttons] and then when you’re done, you leave without a care in the world. Germs are disgusting and that’s how people get sick. Please, consider others and wipe down your machine when you’re done.


2. Staff members who tell their whole messed-up life story. This happened today specifically. There is this new employee [who should get fired for her unprofessionalism] who likes to talk with this group of older Asian women and starts talking about how her husband cheated on her, left her and took the kids; how he’s this and that; and how she’s going to “take him to the cleaners”. But the thing that made me fume is when she’s done, she goes around and says, “If you heard any of that, I’m sorry.” Well of course we heard you… you have a loud mouth. Just shut up and clean the floors.


3. Girls who dress up to go the gym. This is the thing: I go to a women’s gym, no men at all. Why are you wearing make-up at 8am in the morning to go on the treadmill? We get it… you’re skinny, you’re cute, you’re going to do 10 miles in 10 minutes. But there is no reason for getting all dolled up to go to the gym.


4. People who take over the sauna. After a really good workout, I enjoy going into the sauna and cooling down. The hot air just relaxes all my muscles and I spend the next 20 minutes reflecting. But… then incomes the older women, with their body products, and start to lotion up with their smelly stuff, and just take over the sauna. I’m sorry, but you’re not supposed to do that in here… they don’t care.


5. People who weigh before AND after a workout. One of the main reasons people go to the gym is lose weight. I totally get it. But why do you think you have lost weight after a workout? I think you might have gained weight since you just downed 16 ounces of water. Plus, the gym scale sucks. You’re not going to get an accurate reading. Just dedicate one day a week to weigh in so you don’t make yourself crazy.


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