One of the biggest goals I have before I move to Manhattan is to lose weight… I know, I know. Everyone wants to lose weight. However, if you saw my friends in NYC, I do not want to be the big friend. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and be proud of the image I put out there. It’s definitely important in a competitive city. So, I have started to work on it. This is really my last chance to make some impactful changes before I get on that plane.

I have stopped saying tomorrow. That’s my catch phrase really. Since Christmas I have gone grocery shopping, prepped meals, gone swimming, ran, biked, and slept for many hours. It has paid off as I weighed in today and lost 3.2 lbs since my last weigh in. Of course, this is going to be hard to keep up because I’m off work and school. I will be going back to my normal life the first full week in January, but I’m hoping that if I set myself up for success I should be able to sustain this goal.

No, I’m going to do well! 


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