I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now. Since deciding to move to NYC, I have been glued to a few blogs that have given me a glimpse in everyday life in New York City. I hope that I can provide my own glimpse once I move.

So why New York?

It’s the one question I am asked all the time when I mention it. There are many reasons [being closer to my best friend, opportunities, adventure, etc]. But the main reason is … I feel stuck. I feel like my life is at a stand-still and I don’t see it getting any better without making a change. Not that my life isn’t great; I have a great [yet dysfunctional] family, I love my job, I’m almost done with my degree… but to me, it’s too easy. Does that make sense?

Can life be too easy? Yes, it can. If I don’t make a change I’m going to go crazy with the same old, same old. So, here I go! I have been there [twice] and i enjoyed each trip. My best friend in the whole world is there [which makes it even sweeter] and I can go anywhere with my degree.

So I hope you stay with me these next 7 months as I start making my way to Manhattan. This blog is still in construction, but we’ll talk about many things.


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